Beyond exercise, getting fit begins with the kitchen. We are finding new ways to get lean by integrating smarter eating with more moving. See how great you feel from head to toe when you follow our programs!

  • KitchenFit


    Get support for nutrition control, planning and exercise!
    Life is full of temptations! Or you may just have questions. Have a friend you can count on who can help you through it.

  • In-Person

    Train In-Person

    Workshops for Office and Home.
    Training, speaking, events & demos – personal training, group training, nutrition and fitness demos at your location. We help you design a plan of action, create a Get Lean strategy and make decisions to reach your health & fitness goals – both home or corporate sites

  • Virtual Training

    Train Virtual

    Get persoanl training anywhere!
    What you want and need to get the most help and motivation to Start and Stay on track. These are Private training sessions done over a 2- way video stream. Grab a couple of friends or train alone all for the same low price!

  • Exercise Library

    LEAN Library

    Ready to get in shape?
    Get active anywhere with these basic bodyweight moves. Pair them with the featured workouts of the week to boost your metabolism and burn calories.