Charlene R. Pistorio, Sports & Exercise Nutritional Consultant, CPT

Precision Nutrition Certified Sports & Exercise Consultant, Group Fitness Instructor, Les Mills certified in BodyAttack, BodyStep, BodyPump, Motivational Speaker, Business owner, 20+ years of experience in Weight Loss, Weightlifting, Body Toning & Sculpting, Personal Training and Group Training. Specializing in Weight loss, Coaching, Motivational Speaking, Group Training, Strength Training,  TRX, Metabolic and Novice Fitness Training.

How my journey got started- I began my exercising weight loss journey in 1995 after reaching a peak of a whopping 220 pounds! My blood pressure began to soar and I knew that if I didn’t make a change now, I never would. I actually thought that if I did end up losing weight, it would never stay off. I’d just gain it right back. After all, anyone can lose weight, but can they maintain it?

“You only have 3 choices when it comes to losing weight. You can do it now and get it over with. You can decide to do it in 3, 6 months or a few years down the road, but suffer until then or never do it all and be miserable the rest of your life!”

Well, I remember when I saw my sister lose weight. “I saw” are the key words here. I had to see her do it for me to believe it could be done. After all, she is my sister and we are made up of the same DNA. I say this because we were always heavier than the other kids and we used to say that we were just “big-boned!” I did not know that a leaner, healthier, happier me lived inside of that emotionally and physically heavy 20-year-old young lady. If I wouldn’t have made that change then, I could’ve easily been morbidly obese now, at that rate. Life is about deciding and taking action.

“It’s better to do it now while you have less to lose.”

My sister began with running outdoors. She also cut her portions back dramatically. It didn’t take long before I saw significant changes with her weight. I was astonished, in awe. Seeing is believing! People, you never know who is watching you and you never know who you are going to inspire with your actions. That’s all I needed. Now I too was going to do it. It started with my first victory! With a lower calorie diet and a regular exercise regime, I reached the under 200 goals! Hitting 199 gave me confidence like you wouldn’t believe! I was repeating my sister’s path. After she moved out of her apartment, I moved in it. I was following her footsteps, literally. I ran the same roads, I crossed the same paths she crossed! She led the way! In my head, I envisioned her doing it as I was doing it. She carved a way for me! The energy in that house, we say, was A-mazing! It was good to her while she lived there and it was good to me!

I lost 50 pounds before I ever stepped foot into a gym. I then joined the local Y.

I enrolled in an intense bodybuilding program. I learned everything there was to know about training. The trainer was a national competitive body builder. It was a privilege and a honor to train under his expertise! He made working out enjoyable and entertaining all while getting real results! I didn’t know at that time that I would be a future coach myself and give back all that I’ve learned from him and much more years later!

Since then, I’ve had three children and have had to “re-lose” weight after each child. I did get better with my eating and exercise with each pregnancy. You will hear more about these other weight loss stories later. Just know that staying fit and being healthy is doable and manageable even being a mom or dad. Yes you can do it anywhere, it is possible and no equipment is necessary as long as you are consistent and dedicated to yourself.

Here’s to flying high with your exercise and eating goals!