Eating for 2? How to avoid that extra weight gain.

I over saw a beautiful pregnant woman ordering her breakfast this morning.

She had a hot chocolate drink, a banana then a breakfast sandwich-

It’s part of my job to observe how people eat; the situation they’re in when they are eating, what they chose.

Most would say that sounds ok and plus she’s very pregnant.

This is where “Teaching families how to eat again” plays apart.

I wanted to note: I’m not judging her specifically, I’m making observations to absorb information to help others when they ask me for help.

I know there are hormonal changes that affect decision making when pregnant or most of the time for women period.

With proper knowledge, balancing your meal & learning when to eat “what” is everything.

She had 4+ servings of carbs
1 protein
2 fats
1/2 vegetable
1 of each would’ve been appropriate.

Now she’s eaten all of her carbs for the day and she should have 3 more servings veggies and protein.

Here’s a rule of thumb: It’s ok to have an unbalanced meal, but use the next couple of meals to balance out your “day” or even “days” depending on how long you’ve let go. Do not continue on that path. You can bring homeostasis back.

This plate portioning is incorrect. With her limited availability to workout, she should be even more careful with her meal planning.

Eating for 2? Sure. More like eat a few hundred calories each day. We probably already eat 2-400 calories a day without being asked, so do we really want to tack on more?

I learned my lesson. I gained maybe 60#’s when I was pregnant with baby 1
45 w/baby 2 and
25 w/baby 3.

I felt amazing with the last!

I’m huge into preventive maintenance. It’s easier to lose a few extra pounds mentally and physically. This is especially true after tending to a new born, and possibly not feeling that great after going through all the changes just made to your body.

I use the scale as a tool. The scale will change before your clothes do and we can see even minor changes + or – so we can monitor our body weights before you gain an extra 10-20 pounds.

That’s how we gain or lose weight, it’s ounces not pounds at a time.

After having 3 kids and handling all 3 different ways, I can def say this. My children’s attitudes were directly affected by my behaviors and feelings when I was pregnant with each of them. I felt the best with the last and her personality shines!

You literally, are not just eating only what you need for you, it’s for them, as well. Your emotions sink into them. Not many people feel good about carrying unwanted weight, so for both of you, appropriate weight gain is ideal.

Shape your pregnancy into weight detail experience. Try to not let it get the best of you! I know that when I knew better, I did better! I hope the same for you too!…/pregnancy-weight…/art-20044360…