You Don’t Have To Eat All of the Time: Benefits of Fasting- Practice Your Decision Conditioning!

Sunday- Cleaning & Preparation Day!

This is a great time to prepare, make a schedule, plan our activities and food for the week. This will help ensure a strong start. The up side to fasting is that you get to practice your self control.

I’m doing a partial day “drink only” fast today. Why? No other reason than to give my body a day to rest, clean and practice my “decision conditioning”!

What is that? It’s a term I made up to put myself in uncomfortable situations on purpose to practice making better choices when feeling like wanting to quit. When in real, more meaningful struggles, I should have a better immunity to the bear it! It’s sorta like an “uncomfortable vaccine”.

I’ve built up such a “pain tolerance” so to speak because of training. I’ve learned to accept short bursts of being uncomfortable and know that that is ok!

I’m in the business of weight loss because people lose their self control when they eat. I’m included.
In general, if we all stopped and took time to work on our own poor habits instead of judging others for what they do wrong, the world probably be better off. We place blame on others for things they do or do not do but, we cannot even control ourselves and our poor habits.

That being said, it’s good for our mind & health to fast. It also helps you drop fat faster!

You probably think you cannot go a day without food but, your body wants you to. Long periods without eating allow your body to break out it’s mop & broom and start cleaning house!

Eating & digestion is hard work! This is why you get sluggish after eating a big meal. Your body is over loaded with work. It has to chew, swallow, get your stomach acids churning, digest all of that then, pick out nutrients, put them where they belong and work on getting rid of the rest. It’s putting so much time & energy to breaking down what you just ate, it doesn’t have much energy to do much else.

Remember how is was bring a new parent? Imagine taking care of a new born baby or new born pet forever? You can hold up for a while and it’s exhausting but after time, you’d probably quit. Good thing your body holds up better, but it still deserves to get some rest.

The tired feeling is your body communicating with you. This also happens when you’re sick. Your body is too focused on healing so it takes away your appetite. It’s overwhelming to do both at the same time.

What about feed your cold? Hmmmm… maybe, maybe not.

Getting your nutrients in easy to digest foods or supplements could give your body a hand.

What happens when you fast? Some people get a headache.

One reason people could get headaches when they fast is because the toxins stored in their fat is being released into the bloodstream when flushing out their stored fat. Headaches usually pass with time. That’s good right? Not the headaches, but the cleaning out. Some experts recommend not taking anything for them and allow your whole body to cleanse.

After a day of fasting there is a good chance you wake up next morning feeling pretty good. Are you starving? Craving something to eat? Well, no, not really. Maybe mildly hungry.

It is weird. You know that hunger feeling you get about 4-5 hours after your last meal? Where your stomach’s reminding you that it’s been a while? I’m not even that hungry.

I’ve learned that hunger peaks at that point and immediately diminishes. After a while, even if you haven’t eaten, you get less hungry.

About 20-24 hours later, hunger comes back again. But never as bad.

Most active people start to freak out about 4-5 hours after their last meal. Your mind starts to say, “If I don’t eat soon, I’m gonna pass out? This can’t be healthy. My body needs to eat! I’m losing muscle. I’m bored and so now what?”

You’ll feel better better afterwards. In fact, you might even lose a body fat. It’s worth sticking it out.

Short fasting might even help your muscles grow when the next exercise session (and meal) comes. You might lose more fat and gain more muscle, all by skipping a few meals.

But even if you don’t lose extra fat by fasting, I promise you will lose something important: that crazy fear of not eating every few hours. It’s one of the biggest misconceptions out there. There’s always more to learn about that.

Habits are strengthened by practicing and regularity. An extended time of saying no to yourself resets that mind muscle to make better choices and reinforces “decision conditioning”! Your good deciding ability gets better the more you use it, like a muscle!

I teach control over your own self. When I coach exercise, we focus on moving our own bodies with pull-ups, push-ups and planks. Having the control over ourselves, what you do with it and put into it is pretty liberating.

So, that’s why after years of training, I’ve boiled down my eating & exercise practices to minimum to get the maximum results.