Talking to your kids about weight? Voodoo or a should do?

I don’t know the best way, but I can say I wished my parents would’ve done it for me.

Growing up heavy isn’t fun. You can’t run, you feel awkward and out of place. It doesn’t set you up in a good position for the future. What I’m scared of is what would happen to the kids if they don’t!

Without having parental support, you have no basic guidelines to go on other than learned behaviors. Eating late, snacking, ordering out, eating to your stuffed and then some… that’s the story of my childhood.

That stuff gets embedded in kid’s head. Even though they may learn and do better at some point. It’s always there floating around waiting to called on. It’s doesn’t go anywhere. It’s a constant struggle to over come these poor habits, for a lifetime.

Maybe, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it is. We are a rich country and we have an abundance of choices to make in regards to eating and nutrition. America has the highest obesity rate in the world.

Addressing children’s eating and movement issues should be a topic of discussion at the dinner table. It could be addressed in the same way you’d address manners and outside activities at the table. Are they even eating at a sit down meal at the table together, prepared by someone in the family? Addressing over eating, diet issues and proper food techniques should be high on the list because you have to eat to live and it’s going to set them up for the rest of their life. See what I’m saying?

Losing weight is a behavioral change, not just a food choice change. Say what??

Yes, eating healthily and getting lean starts with “acts”.

Eating at the table, for one. Eating together for two. Preparing a meal at home.

Limits to eating times.

Speed of eating.

Having the kids participate in the making of the meal & cleanup.

Saying no to less than appropriate choices eating out.

Making desserts a treat.

This all sounds fantastic yes and easy to begin, but it’s some of the parents who have food eating issues. They aren’t in the position themselves to guide their kids. It’s the blind leading the blind.

My program, “Teaching families how to eat again”, focuses on family oriented eating education & behavior modifications,  began because I knew we had to work with the adults to get through to the kids.

Kids today aren’t the kids of my day. We moved, walked, biked, roller skated everywhere. We were definitely more mobile. We used our legs! We didn’t have remote controls, electronic driving devices, vacuums that work themselves and we walked to the library to get information. Because of these sophisticated advancements, addressing  eating has jumped to the top of the list of parental priority.

Your kid’s overweight. What do you say to them? “A little too heavy with the girl, Evan?”

In this day and age you could get flack for addressing certain political issues with your children. “You will cause them to obsess!” My reply is,” And if I don’t, what’s the result of that? “

We are talking about weight and fixating on that, however, the number on the scale is one way to measure their health. If that wasn’t true, why is it the first thing they do in a doctors office? Why not do it at home?

An over weight life could be a life with issues with their health, happiness and social interactions.

We say we don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but there’s truth to it. At first glance, we judge by the outside. After spending time with someone we get to know their inside. We do want to

put on our best faces to open the fort to more opportunities.

It’s not the extra weight that’s the the point, it’s that the extra weight is a result of other underlying issues, long term mental and physical health, feeling good in your own skin and being able to move yourself around easily.

Self control. Slowing down. Being able to made solid choices. Not always giving into your wants. Family strength and family structure are all great results from a well balanced diet.

Do your kids a favor, help them out. Learn good eating habits for yourself and them, as well. You’d be preventing a life time of struggle. It’s your responsibility to lead them in the best direction for themselves. Grab a hold of it.