Sometimes in life, we sit around and wait for the “want to do it” to come to us.

Or the “strength” to do it or the “absolute excitement and motivation” to meet a goal.

But that almost never comes. You never really “want to” strongly enough.

You never really “have the strength” in the beginning.

You’re rarely “super excited” to work hard — especially with the time it takes to see results.

Everything only begins to come together when:

  • You practice routine
  • Then you get stronger
  • Then you get excited
  • Then you begin to see results
  • Then results multiply motivation

In that order.

But that’s only after you’ve put in a lot of hard work and practice.

When you didn’t FEEL LIKE IT.

Don’t wait around for you to get a good feeling about doing something that’s good for you.

If such a feeling ever does hit you, it’s very short-lived. 

Routine is the disciplined act of not really wanting to but doing it anyway.

Quit waiting for a feeling and just start changing your behaviors.

Then the productive actions will eventually become habitual.

BTW: Good & bad behaviors work the same way.