This blog has been a long time coming: How many calories do I burn in an hour exercising? “I burned 976 calories in Biking!” she says. “WRONG”, I say in my head.

I’ve been hearing this for years and I’m finally taking a stand. I never wanted to hurt peoples’ feelings by telling them, ” NO WAY!” Today, someone’s feelings out there are getting hurt. Bring on the tissue!

This first thing you have to understand is that calories burned are based on your heartbeat. The more your heart beats, the more calories you burn.This is why cardio helps to lose weight faster.

Your heart is a muscle. The stronger it is, the less it has to pump (fewer reps). This is why trained athletes have a lower heart rate. This is also the reason why you don’t burn as many calories did doing the same workout after you’ve been doing it a while. Your heart is stronger and doesn’t need to work as hard as it once did.

Secondly, if my heart rate is 75 beats per minute per hour and I burn 200 calories each hour casually moving around, then if I were to jog for that hour instead, I would double my heart rate to 150 per minute per hour and double my calories used. That means I burn 400 calories in that same hour instead of the original 200.

Next, I say that you do not have to workout to lose weight. This, too, is true because you burn calories continually. If you burn 200 calories when not at the gym, then when you go to the gym what you gain is only anything over and above the original 200. If you burn, say 400, that’s really only 200 more than not going to the gym.

It’s virtually impossible for most people to burn 1000 calories per hour. Your heart cannot pump that fast, safely. Going to the gym and doing cardio is a bonus! Try not to factor that into your calorie count and then allow yourself to eat more because you worked out if you’re trying to lose weight.

Focus on whole, nutritious and delicious variations of food. Be mindful of foods dense in calories and eat a balanced plate of carbs, fats, and mostly protein.…/in-depth/exercise/art-20050999…

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