Self-reflective post- The things I hate to admit about myself. Learning how our mind works is half the battle!

There’s a lot of stuff that I get on my own nerves about. I really hate that I’m so judgemental. I have evil thoughts about people’s behaviors (especially when they resemble some my own). I know better.

I know the struggles, so I don’t know why I have these thoughts. The poor qualities I try to dismiss inside me, are highly visible in others.

I’ve been a Facebook Posting Queen for 8 years because I wanted to say I was helping you (which I was) to make it seem less of an ego thing. It was generally, more about me.

The self-centered me always comes first. I hate that about myself, as well.

It really sucks to get drawn in by emotions. To feel such a lack of control over things even when you don’t want to do something or feel a certain way.

I, sometimes, have to decondition myself from old habits and recondition my brain through each situation and try to make a better choice, a better thought or better action.

We struggle with ourselves in our decision making because we have “3 Brains”.

3 Brains, not really, but 3 phones ringing in our head at once.

Head (the master/decider) Heart (emotion/non-thinker) & Gut (safety & protection).

Sometimes all 3 signals go through our spine to our brain at the same time- so we’re thinking something like this:

“Oh no, I shouldn’t do that, but I want to sooo badly but, it’s not good for me – but I’ll do it anyway it’ll make me feel better now!”

The Emotional & the Gut brains are considered to be more “animalistic.” A baby is happy when he’s either being fed, sleeping or being held- very instinctive behaviors.

As we grow older, we learn that we have power over our emotions and acts and then we become “empowered!”

When we bow down and let our higher thinking brain take over, we feel good about ourselves! We feel in control & on top of life! This skill is priceless and it leads to true happiness.

It’s not about money, likes or comments- shares or any other egotistical emotion rationalization about why we really do things for others, help or self seek.

It’s about being in control over ourselves, actions and how we respect the other people we surround ourselves with.

I found that there is a fine line between doing things for other people or for yourself. Is it really for them or for our own needs and fulfillment?

I’m working on my higher brain to get it to be the one is charge mostly. I’m not sure if it’s going to happen, but on the few occasions when it trumps the other two- I feel amazing about myself, the true feeling of amazing!